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"Pain is inevitable ... suffering optional."

Brenda Armand

Tarot Card Reader & Intuitive

Brenda is a lifelong Massachusetts resident currently residing in East Bridgewater with her family. 

Brenda has been studying and honing her skills in Tarot Card reading over the last 30 years, previously only offering readings to family and closest friends. It is a talent passed on to her in her family over many generations. Now in her 50’s, with her children growing up,and her own intuition blossoming, she has decided to share her gifts within the community.

Her professional background is an eclectic one, including travel consultant, modeling, insurance, retail management and real estate sales. But her passion has always been in the ‘helping people’ arena. She offers a contagious curiosity and enthusiasm to her readings that are accurate and ignites your own healing and introspection. Brenda offers insight, highlights your choices and path, and encourages you every step of the way! 

Brenda’s own philosophy of soul searching, introspection and excitement for life certainly spills over into her readings. She strongly believes that each of us needs to create safe space for ourselves to feel, think, and fuel healthy growth and change. Tarot cards will tell you what is attainable, avoidable and available to you. Brenda provides you with the insight and tools within the Tarot reading so that you gain insight into yourself and your relationships. The Tarot is a tool that helps you make better choices for yourself. Brenda makes it fun and easy! Life is always going to surprise you … how you roll with it and not just survive, but thrive, is the key to growth and joy. 

Brenda offers private and group readings, parties and event services.