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"Pain is inevitable ... suffering optional."

Essence is being recognized by many companies worldwide, by doctors, holistic practitioners and other medical staff who are changing with the times. The results of these treatments speak for themselves. A true innovator, Bridget truly has a pulse on what works. 


Services Offered:

* Essence Therapy

* Sauna Blanket

* Cupping

Bridget Witkowicz

Master Essence Therapist 

& Medical Aesthetician 

Bridget is the inventor of Essence – a patented/trademarked protocol and program utilizing radiofrequency to treat pain, restricted range of motion, numbness and other physical ailments. Bridget began her career in aesthetics over 25 years ago. Her experience and path of discovery has led to this results-driven revolutionary medical treatment program treating pain, scar tissue, nerve damage, sciatic nerve issues, pinched nerves, scoliosis, Bell’s Palsy … the list goes on. Bridget’s schooling, training and continued studies have helped her understand the intricacies of healing the body-skin-connective tissue. 

For the past 15 years, she has been honing her expertise in this particular modality. Her work is helping to blur the lines of aesthetics to therapeutics to medical arenas. Bridget is results driven. Her clients walk away from her sessions empowered with less pain, and with more knowledge and awareness of healing their own body. Bridget is currently in talks with larger companies to make Essence available worldwide. Her goal is to share her protocol so that more people can benefit from this painless, simple treatment protocol.